I have been training with Elaine for over a year now.   She has transformed my attitude towards living a healthier lifestyle through physical fitness as well as my daily diet.  Elaine is so passionate about her craft and it shows through the motivation and energy she brings to each session.  She embodies the perfect combination of tough and determination while still being empathetic and encouraging.  Her professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to her work and ultimately her clients, provides the perfect scenario for success and sets foundations for a new healthier lifestyle!




I have been working with Elaine as my personal trainer for seven months on a program to lose weight and become fit again. I have made significant progress toward my goals and have lost a total of 16 pounds!

Elaine is very organized, knowledgeable and professional.  I work full time and go to school part time with no time to waste, and Elaine makes every minute count.  She is always prompt and prepared with a well-conceived plan for each workout.  She varies the routines to keep things interesting and my body guessing on what’s next.  Elaine is a very positive motivator – I always achieve higher levels of intensity with her than I do working out on my own.

Elaine is an excellent lifestyle/fitness trainer. I love how she is so keen on not only fitness but food and diet as well, she always makes sure I am staying on the right track choosing the right food to put in my body. I expect to work with her on maintenance of my condition long after I achieve my immediate goals.

Thank you Elaine!

 -Colleen Webb


“Slow and steady wins the race”…..this message embodies the philosophy that my awesome PT, Elaine, delivers week in week out. The proof is in the results I’ve experienced gradually, yet, unlike sporadic drastic changes in diet and exercise patterns I’ve used in the past, with reliable staying power. Changes include (but are not limited to):

  • Changed body composition with decreased body fat and increased muscle mass
  • lost inches (lots!) and pounds
  • gained energy and confidence
  • dramatically reduced the number, duration and intensity of flares of old “war wounds” (aka sciatica attacks)
  • increased distance and accuracy off the tee and with long irons (Elaine said I’d have to see my golf pro to improve my short game!)
  • the ability to engage in long cycle rides and hikes without being exhausted for the rest of day…and the next
  • a renewed interest in running not to mention the ability to do it
  • improved flexibility

I have suffered from soft tissue injuries in my neck and back for over 15 years as a result of two separate motor vehicle accidents, and have a degenerative disk condition in my lower back. Over the last 10 years I have worked with at least four other personal trainers for the purpose of getting some “personal” attention in recovering from these injuries. Their approaches always involved boot-camp type mentality which only brought out my competitive side and pushed me to work my hardest, which resulted in a cycle of fitness-injury-rest/recover and ultimately I never gained any forward momentum. Working with Elaine has been a completely different experience beginning with her carefully assessing my abilities and muscle imbalances, and then building me back bit by bit to the point that I’m at today….strong, confident in my physical abilities and educated. Another key focus Elaine has helped me with is in the area of nutritional intelligence and accountability. She truly is the reason for success in making lifestyle changes that are lasting…..patiently encouraging me for making right choices and helping me examine why I was making poor ones when I knew better, and helping me realize how lousy I felt the day after some poor decisions. I can’t thank Elaine enough for the coaching she has given me and the changes she has helped me embrace for a lifetime of change for the better. She’s not just my Personal Trainer, I consider Elaine my friend. The only downside to working with Elaine is that my budget is going to take a hit….I’m going to need to go shopping for new clothes….oh darn!