The Scale

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The Scale

Fuck the scale


As many of you know I am going through my own weightloss journey again these days and I am constantly being reminded first hand what all my wonderful clients have gone through. The emotions, the actions, the wins, the momentary defeat, the process and most importantly the consistent hard work.


All week I have been feeling great. I have been feeling strong in my workouts, organized in my food choices, and more confident in my clothes. These positive things lead me to jump on the scale this morning. Do you want to know what happened?


The scale can go F@c& itself! I took the batteries out and threw it under the bathroom cabinet for the foreseeable future.


I will carry on with my journey feeling strong, feeling energized and feeling better in my clothes. Eventually the number on the scale will go down but I won’t know exactly what day that happens because I refuse to let the scale make me feel like a failure on a regular basis just for the odd useless win.


I see it all the time with clients. Inches come off in the double digits before the scale starts moving consistently. Heck this literally just happened to a client last week! I know that if I stay the course with consistency the same will happen for me as well!


I would like you all to know for yourself what the scale does or doesn’t do for you. If it helps you and makes you feel happy use it. If it makes you feel like your worth is in those numbers looking up at you, then stop getting on it. You are worth more than numbers on a scale!


What is your relationship with the scale? I would love to know.


I know for myself the scale is a good indicator of consistency when I am in maintenance mode. So until I am back there at my usual weight the scale can hang out without batteries most of the time.


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