Perspective Check

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Perspective Check

8 months ago today at 3:10 am my water broke and not long after contractions started. By the time we organized childcare for our toddler (thanks Cathy) and got to the hospital I was already 8 cms and the contractions were fierce but I was still joking and happy in between those contractions.


Something I love about myself is I can make almost anything light hearted. Not because matters aren’t serious but because life is too short to not crack a smile as often as you can and lighten the mood in a room.


Within a few rather painful hours #hisroyalcutness was born and by late afternoon we were home to introduce our boys to each other.


Life changed for us that day more than we could have ever imagined. We didn’t find love to share with this new addition, our hearts just grew a lot bigger that day to have love for him and everyone else in our little family.


The sleepless nights are frequent. Not because we need to sleep train but because between the two of them there is always something going on. The days are precious and full of smiles. The evenings are full of impatience and stress followed by good night hugs and the most precious cuddles.


Hubby and I often collapse into each other or mindlessly stare at our phones from exhaustion. We both have personal, fitness and professional goals and as hard as we work towards them we feel like we are often riding into a soul sucking headwind at every attempt at forward movement.


What is getting us through? Knowing this is a phase of life. The days are long and the years are short. Our goals and achievements don’t have to happen immediately… As long as there are always steps forward when we can.


This morning as I stressed about where I need to be in 25 days for my 70.3 triathlon I had to check myself and get some perspective. Not only did I give birth 8 months ago I also spent the previous 39 weeks growing a baby inside of this body! Before that I spent 15 months fighting postpartum hypothyroidism and I could work backwards with the list of a steady stream of ailments, injuries, surgeries, pregnancy + complications, delivery + complications, being a mom of a preemie and recovery from all of the above all the way back to the fall of 2013.


So my perspective is this. I am fucking awesome for where I am today! I never gave up. Things are not perfect but I have worked damn hard for them to be better than they were yesterday… I have done this every fucking day and will continue to do so.


Thanks for the reflection on your 8 month birthday little man, your momma needed it.


2018 is my year to #doepicshit and I am doing just that!

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