Hippie vs Western

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Hippie vs Western

Osteotherapy and Physiotherapy

Acupuncture and Massage

Chiropractor treatments and IMS treatments

Medical doctor and Naturopathic doctor

Prescription meds and herbal supplements

Midwife and OB-GYN


Say what?! How can you believe in the hippie granola stuff and the evil western medicine?!

It often shocks people when they find out I swing both ways with this stuff.

My Osteotherapist helps with my overall wellness when it comes to injuries and imbalance – One of my physiotherapist helps fix specific injuries while my other physiotherapist works on the whole body and treats very similar to the Osteotherapist. All have different backgrounds, all have studied from different schools and all treatments have different levels of recognition in Canada. All have my best interests at heart.

Believe it or not my acupuncturist and massage therapist are the same person! Therefore, western medicine believes she is half a fake and not half a fake? Makes no sense to me since her acupuncture education took almost as long as it takes to be an MD and her massage training took very little time in comparison. Again, it doesn’t matter what I am being treated for she has my best interests at heart.

Chiropractic treatments are frowned upon by many medical doctors and IMS (intramuscular stimulation) is okayed by them. Chiropractors have a considerable education and you can get IMS certified in a weekend now if you have some background in body works of any kind. Makes no sense to me why one is considered unsafe and the other isn’t according to medical professionals!

I see my medical doctor in cases of emergencies, for screening type tests like blood work, check ups, paps and if I need a referral to a specialist. Our medical system in Alberta is fantastic for these things. What our medical system is severely lacking is helping an individual live to their optimum health! Therefore, I also see a naturopath. An ND wants you to live your best, healthiest, most energetic life and bridges the gap between our great emergency care system and our failed system when it comes to everyday wellbeing and optimal health.

I take a prescription medication everyday to keep my Thyroid functioning properly according to the “medical” healthy range but I also take supplements to keep it functioning at an optimal level. The prescription meds keep my thyroid working and are necessary but it doesn’t make me feel better, so I take supplements that bridge that gap. I would hate to be lying in bed exhausted all the time even though my numbers are medically perfect from the prescription meds. Unfortunately, this is reality for people who don’t seek out alternative options.

For my first pregnancy I had a general medical doctor, followed by moving onto a maternity clinic like most pregnancies in Alberta. The care at the maternity clinic was sub par and I like to refer to it as puppy mill care (long waits, 5 minutes or less with the doc, no compassion, no questions answered). Fortunately, at 28 weeks I was accepted into Midwifery care and I was treated like a woman having a baby as an individual (no waits, long enough appointments to ask questions and have them answered with compassion, family welcome at appointments). At less than 34 weeks I become very ill and the midwives sent me immediately to be treated by an OB – GYN team at the hospital. While I was very ill my medical care was fantastic and I couldn’t ask for a better health care system. Fast forward to my health no longer being emergent and I was placed back in puppy mill care for the rest of my recovery (insert excessive wait times, overworked nurses, not being heard by doctors and no care about my quality of life just that I was alive). Luckily, I was also back in midwifery care to help me find that quality of life and navigate new motherhood as I regained my health.

You see no system or treatments are perfect or all inclusive but when everyone works together you can have a perfect system for yourself. These professionals have some form of quality training, have my best interests at heart and refer to a different professional if they can not meet my needs. A different treatment may not be their ideal treatment but if it works for me then it works for them!

Some will say the placebo effect is why somethings work and even if that is the case I am okay with that because my optimal health is what matters to me and if I feel something is helping create optimal health, placebo or not, all the power to me!

Black and white is not an option for my health and I hope it isn’t an option for you either!

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