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If you follow this crazy journey of life I am on you may remember me mentioning a few times that I have BIG goals for 2018. One of them and the biggest of them all is a goal I had before kids but never got to it and then again a goal I had planned for sure in 2017 but then it took a fair bit longer to conceive Mister Anthony than we had planned so it became a 2018 goal.

On Monday I was at my computer at 10 am(mid training a very understanding client) to hopefully get a spot in a race which was step one in completing my big goal!

Well step one is complete. I have a spot in Ironman Arizona and therefore a spot for my BHAG of completing an Ironman!

Now the next gazillion steps… Training over the next 51 weeks for such a test of endurance.

If you have ever wanted to be inspired by a working mom on her journey to be not only super fit(i am extremely deconditioned at the moment in comparison to my normal self) and her normal weight again this is the time! You will also be following her journey to be an Ironwoman over the next 301 days! Along the way you will see my juggling 🤹‍♂️ of training, family and work. My variety of treatments and professionals that keep me moving forward relatively ailment and injury free. My nutrition along the way. And of course my extremely adorable kids and ever supportive husband.


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