Tips and tricks to make the best out of the second trimester

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Tips and tricks to make the best out of the second trimester

Tips and tricks to make the best out of the second trimester.


The beloved second trimester. I like to call it the honeymoon phase of pregnancy! Estrogen has stopped kicking the moms ass with nausea and tiredness, the baby is still small enough for the mom’s body to feel relatively normal and your due date is far enough away that you still feel like you have time before baby is born.


The second trimester is a great time to get back on track with your modified but relatively normal workout routine. If the first trimester stopped you from hitting the gym, head back and do your regular routine with ½ the weight and see how it feels. Head out for a walk and jog a few steps here and there and see how it feels, if your were a runner before the first trimester stopped you. If the first trimester just slowed you down a bit or not at all continue on by listening to your body. Do what feels good and cut back on what doesn’t. At this point in your pregnancy you should be starting to avoiding front loaded exercises like planks and pushups. You should also avoid anything with your arm overhead or a static hold(wall sit) if you have ANY history with high blood pressure. If you are unsure just avoid it and ask a fitness professional to give you a modification.


The second trimester is also a good time to find a Pelvic floor physiotherapist to start working with.  Physiotherapy is normally something that gets started after there is an injury or surgery but when it comes to pregnancy and the pelvic floor, an ounce of prevention can be worth so much! Just think how much weight and pressure your pelvic floor has to support in the next few months and then the changes that have to happen to get ready to deliver a baby, deliver a baby and then go back to the way it all used to be.


Another glorious part about the second trimester for most women is you can eat again without wanting to vomit! Use this time to get back into your healthy eating routines. Believe me it will pay off once baby is born. Prep your veggies at the beginning of your week, pre cook some protein and make some on the go snacks. Having these routines in place before your bundle of joy arrives to consume most of your time is valuable and of course be sure to let hubby and any close help you may have how you do this. If your well intended mother-in-law only knows how to make pasta and cookies some guidance is not only going to help her and her health but it will help her help you once baby is here. Having these conversations when no one is sleep deprived and hormones are not too high is also a beneficial piece of this puzzle. Hubby might be more open to the fact that you like carrots cut a certain way when he has had more than 3 hours of sleep.


And finally this is a good trimester to seek out some friends that have recently gone through this process for some honest opinions and experiences. Find those friends that are straight shooters. By finding the straight shooters you will get clear information not the sugar coated ”it is all worth it once you see baby” dialogue. Why do I think this is so very important? I think it is important because there are a lot of icky, gross, unconfident things about pregnancy and delivery that can cause a lot of insecure feelings especially in the postpartum days. Not knowing what to expect or even some of the possibilities can really freak a woman out and then make you turn to Google in the middle of the night and we all know how that will end! If you think searching Google about a sore toe can make you think you are dying try searching a pregnancy related symptom!


Birth stories are a great place to start but here are some topics that will only help you to ask about others going through and coping with. Talking brings awareness to a subject and someday you will be able to help another mom-to-be with your stories.


Some areas to think about asking about are:


Hormones – night sweats, tears, random bouts of happy or maybe even rage

Healing – Cesarean incisions and woohas…it all matters and can go awry between bringing babe home and your 6 week appointment

Pooping – This is an important topic that girls don’t like to talk about

Breastfeeding and formula – The mental challenges of persevering with breastfeeding as well as the feelings of judgement if you have to go with formula

Returning to sex – Obviously so important!

Support – Where did others find it?


Seeking out these conversations in the second trimester helps you prepare yourself, gives you time to chat with your doctor or midwife about any questions you may have and most importantly start a dialogue about any fears you may have and support you may be concerned about needing with your partner and health professionals.


I hope you enjoyed reading, please keep in mind all these suggestions and observations are my opinion based on the numerous moms I have worked with, talked to and of course my own experiences. No two moms are the same and please remember to take the advice of your medical professional before anyone else.

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