Clear the clutter!

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Clear the clutter!

Let’s clear up some mental clutter and negative energy.

Do you believe that if you exercise it will hurt in a negative way? Do you believe that if you lose weight you will just gain it back? Do you believe there is no way to get your household to eat more real food? Do you believe that your close friends or family will sabotage your efforts?

What is your belief that stands in your way and how can you change it to a positive mantra?

I enjoy the feeling of a good workout! I am losing this weight and it is never coming back! My family is willing to try a new recipe and I will buy less of the convenient foods! I will surround myself with loved ones who encourage and support my goals!

Time for a little exercise.

For those of you that are part of my ‘Year to a new you’ program, pull out your Owners Manual. Everyone else find a piece of paper.

Now write down your negative beliefs. Now for the gratifying part…Scribble all over those words. Attack that paper like it is the true end to those words!

Now take a deep breath and write down your new beliefs.

Enjoy the progress of “I can”, “I will”, “I am”. Do your best to repeat these new beliefs to yourself daily.


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