It’s Monday!….again.

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It’s Monday!….again.

Who is starting over? Who is starting a new diet? Who is starting a new workout regime?


If you fall into any of these categories give yourself a big pat on the back for choosing to make a difference for yourself.


I want to share some helpful tips to help you succeed with your new journey but first let’s look at a few tips to recognize why a journey might not work.


Have a look at your plan, does it forbid any foods?


Have another look at your plan and see if you feel like you are allowed foods? Does being allowed foods in your adult life make you feel good inside.


Does your workout regime say do X , Y and Z but forbid W and W is your favorite thing to do?


If you answered yes to any of these questions I suggest a few tweaks to your plan.


As soon as we allow or forbid anything in our lives we set ourselves up for failure. Our stubborn minds might start out with a I can do this attitude but eventually that stubborn mind says the heck with this I am an adult and some stupid plan is not going to tell me what I am allowed to eat or do!


Sure too much sugar is a bad thing, too much processed food is a bad thing, not enough vegetables is a bad thing, not enough protein or fat is a bad thing. It isn’t that these plans are wrong for the most part in their reasoning especially since any study can be twisted to match what you want it to say but that is an article for another day.


It is however how these plans are expected to be executed that lead to failure.


If running is your mental clarity and a program tells you to stop all long slow distance cardio because your should only be lifting heavy weights where is your headspace going to be after a couple weeks? If you aren’t allowed to get your mental clarity from a running fix their is a good chance you will become unmotivated and slow down or possibly stop with your workouts. So that leaves you with no exercise instead of a balance of both. Being told you aren’t allowed to do something isn’t winning in this situation, is it?


Now let’s take a plan that forbids sugar. Well first of all WTF does that mean? But again that is another article for another day. Now this plan likely includes eliminating your favorite coffee, your beloved glass of wine and your go to snack healthy or not. Stop and really ask yourself how realistic this is. From here you will likely go one of two ways :


  1. You will allow yourself one thing you just can’t give up. Again there is that allow word. You will decide you are going to have this thing daily or weekly because you are an adult and dammit adults are allowed to eat whatever they want. Okay great now the treats at the office get passed around in a few days and you decide well I already cheated with the item I allowed so what is the harm of one more thing…. And the spiral begins until next Monday or whenever you decide to start again.
  2. You will go all out. Not a particle of forbidden food will pass your lips! You will loose a few pounds in the first week and you are a Rockstar! Then you have a big family wedding with all your favorite forbidden foods and after a night of indulgence you will step on your scale, see you are up those few pounds you lost plus a few more! Not fair you will scream and settle in for the day or week of eating all those things you missed while you were being ‘good’.


Do any of these things feel familiar? If they do that is okay, you are not alone. Unfortunately all these plans that promise your goals and dreams are marketed to you by experts whose job is to suck you in again and again. Can you imagine if a plan worked for everyone the first try? There would no longer be a need for the multi billion dollar a year diet industry.


Here are some tips for a foolproof plan to success. No, it won’t happen overnight but if practiced regularly you will find long term success.


  1. Never forbid yourself anything
  2. Learn to listen to your body. Are you full? Are you hungry?
  3. Find a reliable workout partner or accountability. Feel free to join us here for some accountability. Energized4Life Fitness Accountability Group
  4. Don’t have the shiny object syndrome. In other words stop looking for the next best advertising of the next best plan!
  5. Learn what moderation is for you.
  6. Always have a rest day from your workouts.


Stick to exploring these 6 tips and what they look like to you and you are almost guaranteed to have some clarity of how you can accomplish your goals without the ‘It’s Monday’ revolving door.



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