June Newsletter

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June Newsletter

The last few months have been very exciting here at Energized4Life Fitness. New and old clients have been getting started on their wellness goals, and we have had a couple groups finish our new online nutrition habit-coaching program. So far, people are getting great results by becoming conscious as to just how aware they really are, and building further awareness from there. The online coaching was developed to help people adhere to their goals by taking daily action steps towards their goals and being accountable for those steps. So far it is working great! This is what a few of our clients have had to say about the program:


“After signing up for the online coaching 10 weeks ago I can definitely notice a huge difference in my daily routine. I feel better energy wise and have created multiple healthy habits that I could never seem to keep up with prior to signing up. These habits are a huge element towards my journey in achieving my goals! Definitely recommend this!!”

“Personally I did find that I was constantly reminding myself of the habits so that I could honestly check them off.”

“Brilliant online coaching program! Not all of this was new information, but it was in a format that made it so easy to incorporate the habits into my day. I learned some great ways to make simple yet effective changes to our family’s lifestyle. Highly recommend to anyone and everyone looking to make some lifestyle changes!”

Based on how the program was designed, that is some great feedback! As with anything new, we are constantly making tweaks to the program and individualizing based on the client. As we’ve made our way through the habits, we’ve found that some people may need a little longer with a habit, and we can make that happen! That is the great part about it being designed personally by yours truly; I can help everyone individually.

The schedule is almost full again, but we do have one mid morning, and one lunchtime spot still available for personal training. We also have another group starting the online nutrition coaching on Monday June 20th with 4 slots open.  If you are interested in one of these spots, please drop me a line at elaine@energized4lifefitness.com. I would love to hear from you!

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