Mindset matters!

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Mindset matters!

I read a powerful saying somewhere online this week that really rang true with me: “you are not a tree, so if you don’t like where you’re at, then MOVE.”

Some may find it easy to go around thinking our mindset doesn’t matter, or thinking that putting any effort into our mindset is pointless because it isn’t real work and won’t make a difference anyway.

Before you read any further, I’d like you to take a moment to imagine yourself going through your day only thinking about the worst possible outcomes for every scenario you encounter and tell yourself that you should have done better. Be a real life Eeyore. Once you are in full swing of being miserable, imagine how those around you are acting. Are they feeding off your misery? Are they avoiding you? How are your efforts turning out today? Are you sucking at everything? Does your world just seems like a big mess?

If you decided to take a trip in your imagination, that is great. If you decided that it all seemed very negative and just decided to continue reading, that is good too (and I don’t blame you).

Maybe you know a real life Eeyore. The waiters always screw up their order and some karmic gods make all their lights turn red. Work is something they can only bitch about, and there is a good chance that they have more negative things to say than positive. A miserable person usually sulks through life with a “poor me” cloud over their heads. You probably noticed that others tend to avoid a miserable person.

Now let’s change our attitudes. Be that optimistic happy person. Do you notice that people want to be around you? When you get stopped at a red light do you think, “great, now I have a chance to fix my posture or take a breath?” When the waiter brings you the wrong food, do you take it in stride and wait for them to make it again? Maybe you can give the wrong order a try, who knows you might like it! When your kids are driving you crazy like they do, do you take a big breath and be thankful for them and all their crazy? When you have salad and chicken for lunch again are you thankful that you get to nourish your body rather than be miserable about spending the time to eat healthy?

I think every one of us has the potential to be extreme and most of us settle somewhere in the middle. We all have our good days and our bad days. Why not try one day at a time to focus on the positives to help shape your mindset to one of growth and prosperity instead of a mindset sheltered in negativity? Maybe you won’t notice changes in your big picture, but I challenge you to try. I have clients work on this all the time and over extended periods, it is amazing how goals are reached and there is a new ease and energy for their attack on life.

If life gives you a lemon situation, take a few moments to decide whether you are going to stew on that lemon till it goes rotten, or devise a plan to make lemonade!

Shitty things will still happen in life, but your attitude towards them will either build you up to conquer, or let the shitty things win. Ultimately, it’s up to you.

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