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A year to a new you !

A year to a new you is a year long program where we utilize online software to increase your fitness level, learn how to eat for your goals within your lifestyle and work on you as a whole so you can be a happier, stronger and more content version of yourself.

For this program we use personal training software to individualize your workouts and have partnered with Precision Nutrition to deliver their peer reviewed program that has helped over 50, 000 people to their goals. All of this while working with your coach for inspiration, accountability and guidance.

If you are ready to make the commitment, this program will provide you with a renewed outlook on nutrition and the healthy habits that lead to weight loss. The best part is it is cheaper than having a trainer come to your house! Price commitment ranges from $249 – $509/ month.

Elaine is Precision Nutrition Coaching Level 1 and 2 certified and is excited to be able to offer this proven system online as opposed to the tried and true textbook method; however, if you prefer the textbook method, the service is still available. Please fill out this form and we will be in touch shortly to see if this program is right for you! Application Form

12 week Online Nutrition Coaching

In this program you won’t likely learn anything new or fancy. There’s no magic pill, formula or food.

What you will learn is how to actually do all the things you know you should do vs. procrastinate about doing them. Through a daily habit based approach, you will learn the how’s and why’s of nourishing your body in your real life.

This isn’t some book that is written to address thousands of people with no real life approach; instead, we dig in and figure out how to make results happen in your real life.

By putting in just a few minutes a day for 12 weeks, you will start building a solid foundation of good habits. These good habits lead to positive body changes, increased energy levels, and a kick ass relationship between food and your lifestyle. Price commitment is less than $3 a day at $ 207 for the entire 12 weeks.

12 Week Nutrition Program – Sign Up

Online Personal training

Online personal training is our oldest online offering and the results have been phenomenal. You get a new program every month after chatting with your trainer about what your needs and schedule will be like. The program is designed specific to your goals, fitness level and schedule.

Does it get better than this?! It sure does. You get to do the workouts when it is convenient to you and simply check off the completion of them so your coach can monitor whether your program is truly working for YOU and help make a better plan if it isn’t. The price for Online training is as low as $99/month! That is a savings of over $400 dollars in comparison to seeing a personal trainer bi weekly.

Online Personal Training through Video chat

A personal trainer will meet with you once a week through Skype/Hangouts/Zoom/Messenger from the convenience of your own home.

Your trainer will use whatever equipment you have available and your body weight to lead you through a 60 minute workout customized to you and your individual needs. Video chat sessions range in price from $60 – $80/session depending on your commitment level.

Please contact us to discuss a program that works best for you!

In Home Personal training in YYC and West of YYC

A personal trainer comes to your home, office, or a park close to you. You will be led through a 60 minute workout customized to you and your individual needs.

No equipment is required as your trainer will bring it to you! Please contact us to discuss a program that works best for you! Price range for in home training is $70 – $90/ session depending on your commitment level.

These services are on hold due to Covid. Please refer to Video call sessions. All clients are loving it!

What Our Clients Say

Elaine has been coaching me virtually for almost 5 years. What I love about Elaine’s online coaching is the convenience of a schedule that works for me and my family. I especially love the programming that is suited to the individual, coaching through a program plan set up for building strength and aerobic capacity, as well as assistance (for me personally) through many injuries! I also love not having to be somewhere away from home, and that there is always a plan in place to keep me motivated. I have been so impressed with Elaine’s knowledge and approach to health, fitness and wellness, that I encouraged my four young adults to also sign up! We are able to participate from any location, and it is an incredible opportunity to have the individual attention we all need and receive! I highly recommend Elaine’s services!

Charlotte Beebe

( Client )

I could go on forever about how great Elaine is ....... I have been a client of Elaine's for 10 years. I first started out at a gym and felt I wanted some one on one training Elaine was working there and offered to guide me. When she left there I continued at the gym for awhile but I felt unmotivated. I reached out to Elaine and hired her as my personal trainer. Twice a week I would meet her in a park and then when that was no longer convenient for me we started training at my home twice a week . Then as life goes on we needed to change things again. I started training at her home in her amazing gym. Now that the world has been flipped with the new normal and distance is now needed for the time being. I now workout online with Elaine twice a week. I still feel like she is right there, my workout are just as great as they were face to face. Elaine’s professionalism and positive attitude is just as strong through the screen as when she is here with me. I am still motivated after all these years .


( Client )

Elaine has done an incredible job coaching me for many years in my home. Her knowledge of the body and diet has helped me through challenges I have needed to work on and she keeps me on task. I love the fact that Elaine comes to my home and I was concerned about having my work outs done virtually. My lap top is put on a shelf and it's amazing how well my sessions go. She's always watching and advising me if my form is not correct and if need be she can demonstrate the exercise for me to see. I'm very grateful that Elaine can keep me working out while Covid 19 is in Calgary. Thanks for all your support.

Janet Rasmussen

( Client )

My trainer offers a convenient way for me to manage my work outs through an online app. This allows me the flexibility to pull up my routine wherever I am and the ability to adapt to my schedule. Elaine stays in touch with me through other means of communication (Facebook messenger video, text, phone), checking in on how I am doing, offering me both guidance and encouragement. I also used the app to provide comments and we converse through there. All these communication mechanisms are convenient and make me feel connected to Elaine even though we don’t train in person together. Finally, Elaine is focused on my personal goals and health, thoughtfully developing programs that are safe for me as I recover from injury and build strength. She clearly has excellent technical knowledge and is an experienced trainer who makes a difference.

Tracey Bodnarchuk

( Client )

When I started this program I was looking for something different. It was time to step it up, at least for me. I had already been eating healthy, working out and had set and accomplished goals. Then my world turned upside down when my mom got sick and eventually passed away. I had been coasting along in life and was just getting by. For 6 months nothing was changing really, I was just in a slump . I chatted with my trainer and said I needed to do something. She recommended 'A year to a new you'. A year long commitment.... wow seems like yesterday. I can't believe that its almost up and how much has changed for me. This program does work, but you have to be committed. You have to set that time aside and follow the lessons and do the habits and dig deep into your soul and your mind. Some habits are so easy and simple they just become part of your daily life and you get so use to doing them you don't even think about it. Some stand out more and my coach is great at gentle reminders. Some of the habits I already did and were just being reinforced and was great knowing I was already doing something right. The lessons I learned helped me learn a lot about myself. I learned most of all, that if your mind is not in a healthy place, your overall health and fitness will suffer. If you are not accepting to change you will continue to struggle and not only will you not be able to help yourself you won't be able to help others. I learned to try different colors of the rainbow when it came to eating whole foods. I was willing to experiment and found whole foods I loved and foods I learned to like. I started to enjoy cooking again and trying new recipes and using whole foods and less processed foods. I started to see small changes and that in turn helped me to want more changes. I was looking in the mirror and liking who was looking back. When I started to heal in my mind and in my heart it started to reflect on the outside. I often would struggle with the lessons or put too much thought into it. Thinking I was looking for the "right " answer. My coach was helpful with breaking it down and have me think outside the box. She was also great at reminding me (a lot) that there is no wrong answer and that it's not a test. So have I transformed in a year? Yes . Is there room for more ? Absolutely. Will I continue on my own ? you bet. No two lives are the same, this program works for everyone in different ways. Maybe for you it will be more weight loss or more exercise and achieving goals that you thought were impossible. . Maybe for someone else it will be learning to accept the beautiful loving person that is just lost and needs to find herself again.

Sue Van Steenoven

( Client )

Working with Elaine has been a completely different experience beginning with her carefully assessing my abilities and muscle imbalances, and then building me back bit by bit to the point that I’m at today….strong, confident in my physical abilities and educated. Another key focus Elaine has helped me with is in the area of nutritional intelligence and accountability. She truly is the reason for success in making lifestyle changes that are lasting…..patiently encouraging me for making right choices and helping me examine why I was making poor ones when I knew better, and helping me realize how lousy I felt the day after some poor decisions.


( Client )

I have been working with Elaine as my personal trainer for seven months on a program to lose weight and become fit again. I have made significant progress toward my goals and have lost a total of 16 pounds! Elaine is very organized, knowledgeable and professional. I work full time and go to school part time with no time to waste, and Elaine makes every minute count. She is always prompt and prepared with a well-conceived plan for each workout. She varies the routines to keep things interesting and my body guessing on what’s next. Elaine is a very positive motivator – I always achieve higher levels of intensity with her than I do working out on my own. Elaine is an excellent lifestyle/fitness trainer. I love how she is so keen on not only fitness but food and diet as well, she always makes sure I am staying on the right track choosing the right food to put in my body. I expect to work with her on maintenance of my condition long after I achieve my immediate goals. Thank you Elaine!

Colleen Webb

( Client )

I have been training with Elaine for over a year now. She has transformed my attitude towards living a healthier lifestyle through physical fitness as well as my daily diet. Elaine is so passionate about her craft and it shows through the motivation and energy she brings to each session. She embodies the perfect combination of tough and determination while still being empathetic and encouraging. Her professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to her work and ultimately her clients, provides the perfect scenario for success and sets foundations for a new healthier lifestyle!

Connie DeSousa

( Client )